Bartkira: Nuclear Edition BOOKS


Now in stock! BARTKIRA: NUCLEAR EDITION is a special full-color hardcover edition of BARTKIRA, editing together a narrative sequence of massively destructive scenes from all 6 volumes of Akira, reinterpreted through the bug-eyed lens of The Simpsons. All new material not previously published in other Bartkira books!

Includes the work of Marigold Bartlett, Matias Bergara, Dianita Ceron, Jacob Chabot, P. Ferra, Dump Comics, Patrick Feerick, Mark Fionda, Ryan Fortney, GIRL, James Harvey, Stephanie Herrera, Ryan Humphrey, Warwick Johnston-Cadwell, Shmorky Kay, Amanda Konishi, Cristian Ortiz Martinez, Stephen Morrow, Tom Neely, Adam Norfolk, Mike O’Brian, Lee O’Connor, Jason Rainey, Tom Robinson, Kim Sato, Robert Losiv Veles, Johan Walder, and Tea Wei.

Pressing Information

8.25” x 11.75”
80 pages